Estate Organizing Specialists

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Sorting Since 1982

Our Method

Estate Organizing Specialists can come in to help take on the arduous task of sorting through the estate.

Our staff is well-trained, security-cleared and understands how to properly clean out an estate while respecting your loss. We start by surveying the home and creating a plan to efficiently clean out the estate.

We collaborate with family they get their choices. For remote members, we will label items and take digital photographs to help identify those long-forgotten treasures. When the family has chosen, we will organize and deal with the shipping process, making sure that it all arrives safely.

After the family has decided which items they want, Estate Organizing Specialists salvages as much as possible for sale or donation.

Working with Auctioneers/Dealers

As the home is cleaned out, we work with auctioneers and/or dealers to ensure that valuables unwanted by family members are sold at good prices. All items are carefully inventoried and itemized. We connect the family representative directly with the dealer.

Working with Charities

All remaining good items will be itemized, valued and sent to a charity of the family's choosing. Estate Organizing Specialists has many partnerships with charities and can make recommendations. Charities and clients both benefit greatly from this service: donations go to good homes, and the family enjoys the tax benefits.

Everything Else

The rest, the unusable items, is sorted out. Scrap dealers are contacted for metals, appropriate personnel are contacted to deal with hazerdous waste materials, and we try as hard as possible to recycle as much as possible. All else goes to trash.